Property Tax Appeals

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We can help you fight your property taxes. If you don’t contest them, that is silently telling the county that you agree with their assessments & they will continue to raise your Tax Assessment in the coming years as well. Lots of people fight their own assessments with pictures & contractor estimates, while these may help, what will move a County Assessor to reduce your taxes is Hard Current Market Facts preferably in the form of an Appraisal performed by a Professional Independent unbiased Appraiser. That is where we can help. Once we have inspected you property, We will prepare an appraisal for you to submit to your local tax assessor or Board of Assessment with Market data to back up our Professional Opinion of Market Data.

In the last fifteen years, we have helped countless clients reduce their property taxes. Their savings was well worth the appeal. During that same time period, we turned down hundreds of people who were hoping to reduce their taxes, but were not over assessed.

Remember, tax appeal appraisal work is a specialized area of appraising.  A fair estimate would be that less than 5% of appraisers have experience with tax appeal work. We have worked for years becoming among the best in the business.

It is important to remember that despite what you may want to hear We will NEVER promise to appraise your house at a predetermined value. It’s just not ethical or legal for us or any appraiser to do so.

Please understand, while it is important to us that you win your appeal, by Texas state law we are not your advocate. We are an advocate for our estimate of market value. We are not filing your appeal. You are filing your appeal. It is important that we do not engage in actions that are outside the scope of our expertise, which is namely, estimating market value. If we act as an attorney or advocate we will be violating USPAP (laws that bind the appraisal profession).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding a property tax appraisal by calling us at (210) 201-0000 or via Email at We perform tax appeal appraisals within Bexar county and surrounding counties